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Videos on Balance Techniques

Natural Rhythmic Breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system taking us out of crisis mode

Dealing with obstacles to Natural Rhythmic Breathing


Thought Re-Focusing and the use of a Rhythm Phrase to redirect negative or unhealthy thinking

Meditation technique that trains us to recognize where are thoughts are taking us while developing the capacity to redirect thinking in a healthy direction.

Description of Body-Mind-Brain relationship based on clinical experience and observation. - The brain is more of a coordinator than a director; How pathways in our brain affect thought and perception - 11 minutes

Description of the components of body, mind, perception and emotion that most effect Balance and how they interact -18 minutes LCC CTE Presentation 4-6-17

Restoring and Maintaining Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance: Start with the Body -- Describes why it's important to start by stopping the build up of tension in the body and demonstrates 2 techniques that directly address the physical sources of imbalance with descriptions of how and why they work. 18 minutes

2 hour presentation on Restoring and Maintaining Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance

Videos on issues and concerns frequenty brought up by patients and students

Understanding Emotion

Understanding PTSD

Understanding and Resolving Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Building Healthy Relationships 13:36

Learning to Stop Worrying

Understanding and Managing Anger

Common Features of a Healthy Recovery 10:34

Managing Chronic Pain and Headaches

Role of Tension in Headaches

Removing obstacles to sleep

Reaching for and Realizing Full Potential

Understanding Depression

ABC's of Stress Management

Understanding the Mourning Process

School Stress

Understanding Transitions

Understanding and Resolving Problems with Impulse Control

Removing Obstacles to Sleep

Healthy Self Esteem

Common Patterns of Tension and How to Resolve Them

Disciplining Children and Teens

Thoughts on Human Nature

TEDx Pitch Traverse City, MI 2-29-16 How To Get on the Same Page When We Disagree