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Online Stress Managment at Lansing Community College
PFHW 181 is a one credit course on Stress Management that I first developed for the Health Careers Department in 1981.  There have been some revisions but the course has covered the same basic concepts since the early 1980's.   I wrote the text for the course in 2000 (Slow Down and Lighten Up:Letting Go of Stress and Tension - 2nd edition 2016) and have been offering the course online since 2001.  Go to for information about how to register for this course or call the Physical Fitness and Wellness Department at (517) 483-1410.

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Learn Stress Management On-Line!
PFHW 181 (1 credit) Physical Fitness & Wellness Dept
Lansing Community College  ( )

This is a fun and practical course that operates at a relaxed pace. The purpose is to help students understand how stress works, to develop skills and habits that restore and maintain physical, mental and emotional balance, and to learn how to prevent stress from interfering with work, relationships and life satisfaction.

Students use a simple, but highly effective problem-solving approach to help resolve a wide range of potentially stressful situations and bring a greater sense of ease and fulfillment to their lives. Instructor, Bob Van Oosterhout is a Psychologist and Licensed Masters Social Worker with over 40 years experience in counseling, teaching and training with individuals, families, schools, health and service organizations and corporations. He is the author of the text used in the course (Slow Down and Lighten Up: Letting Go of Stress and Tension)

Feedback from Students:

"I feel more at ease and I am able to let go of tension before it builds up. I find it easier to concentrate on tasks I am doing without thinking of all the other things I am supposed to be doing. It has been wonderful."

"I am less stressed. I feel like I have more time now than I did before, but I really don't. I'm just not as pressured. I feel like I am gaining control of my life."

"I am keeping my cool a lot more in situations where I normally tend to lose it. I am enjoying more of the day and it has helped me get along better with my husband."

"I feel more peaceful, relaxed and cheerful. I don't get annoyed as easily. It seems that I keep my sense of humor and keep the big picture in my mind rather than letting small things get me frazzled."

"Sweet relief - I find myself being much more conscious of tension and stress than I used to be. I find when I notice it begin to build up, I can stop it in its tracks."

"This class has literally changed my life. It's amazing. The best part is, that the techniques really do become second nature."

"The teacher is fun. I'm very pleased with this class." "This course is more organized and easy to follow than any other course I am taking online. It makes it very easy to do assignments."

"I found this class to be the most worthwhile course in the past 3 1/2 years of college." " This class has been not only been extremely helpful, but very uplifting. I would highly recommend this class to EVERYONE!!"



Click here to download a copy of the course description

Textbook used in class: Van Oosterhout, Slow Down and Lighten Up: Letting Go of Stress & Tension, 2nd edition 2016

Click here for links to additional videos used in Online Stress Management at LCC. Included are demonstrations of techniques used to restore physical, mental, and emotional balance as well as brief presentations on topics frequently brought up in on-campus class discussion.

Article: Understanding Stress

This article provides an introduction to many of the concepts covered in my workshops and classes on Stress Management.  It also explains some of the physiology and psychology that underlies my approach to treating anxiety, depression and PTSD.  Click below to view or download this 11 page article.

View article: Understanding Stress

click here to download article: Understanding Stress