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Videos explaining each of the Balance Techniques along with how and why they work

Presentation at Lansing Community College Center for Teaching Excellence  April 4, 2017

Click to view handout in PowerPoint

Click to view video on YouTube (2 hrs, 18 min)

Presentation at TRENDS annual conference Oct 15, 2015, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, Traverse City, MI

Effect of Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance on Health and Learning

Balance has a significant impact on the effectiveness of everything we do and is a key factor in learning and health.  Participants will learn and practice specific techniques that restore and maintain physical, mental, and emotional balance while gaining a clear understanding of how and why they work.  Time will be set aside to explore ways to teach these techniques to students and patients.

Video links for this presentation on YouTube

Physical Mental and Emotional Balance Oct15 2015 Part 1 of 2

Physical Mental and Emotional Balance Oct15 2015 Part 2 of 2


Videos of presentation are on my private channel in YouTube Click here to view Part 1 of 2 (1 Hour)

Click here to watch Part 2 of 2 (1hour)

Screens used during presentation - click on links below

Introduction Power Point

Crisis Mode

Physical Tension - How it Works - What Goes Wrong

Physical Tension - What Works - What Health Looks Like

Thought - How It Works - What Goes Wrong

Power Point - Effect of Types of Thought Pathways on Freedom and Efficiency of Thought

Thought - What Works - What Health Looks Like

Perception - Frame Filter Focus - How It Works - What Goes Wrong

Power Point - Frame-Filter-Focus - Components of Clear Perception

Emotion - How It Works - What Goes Wrong

Emotion - What Works - What Health Looks Like

Click on the links below to view handouts

Handout in Powerpoint format

Restoring and Maintaining Balance - pdf format

Helping Others Restore and Maintain Balance in pdf format

Restoring and Maintaining Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance
Presentation at 2014 Trends Conference, Traverse City, MI October 16, 2014
 Our ability to learn, communicate and solve problems is diminished to the extent we are out of balance.  This presentation describes the effects of physical, mental, and emotional imbalance based on principles of physiology, psychology and neuroscience.  Simple techniques for restoring and maintaining balance that have been proven to be effective in 36 years of teaching and counseling will be explained and practiced.
Link to video on YouTube
Restoring and Maintaining Physical, Mental, and Emotional Balance Oct 14, 2014 1hr 8 min

Click here to view video of this presentation on my private YouTube channel

Click here to download handout in Powerpoint format

Link to videos describing techniques mentioned in the presentation

Click here to download outline in Scapple format

Scapple is a free form text editor that is much like writing on a whiteboard except that you can save and move things around.  It allowed me to put all of the relevant information for this presentation on a single page while indicating flow and connections and allowing for adaptation during the presentation

Link to Literature and Latte website where you can download a free trial version of Scapple

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