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First if all, you did a good job by enrolling in this class! Bob will rock your socks off.  I found something in every chapter that has personally benefited me in some way.  As long as you have the textbook and follow the steps that Bob gives you every week, you should do well! Be prepared to have less tension in your life.  This is no joke! This class has taught me skills that I will continue to use and practice for the rest of my life.  Good luck with the semester!

This class is honestly a joy to take. With all of the other things you have going on in life, it's a nice change of pace and the techniques you learn will change your life. Professor is always keeping you updated on what you need to know, there are tons of resources if you need any help and everything is organized perfectly.

If you took the class to fill a credit will get more than what the credit is worth.  You might ask how would I know?  I did the same thing as a nursing student who needed "one credit".  Lord knows I don't want extra work, but in the long run even though the work was more it was less.  Meaning I was able to spend less time studying because I was able to retain so I didn't have to go over the stuff I was studying over and over.  I was less tired and stressed.  This class has not only taught me proper technique to deal with tension, it taught me why.  It taught me many aspects of life that we tend to take in stride.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions or to reach out to Bob with any school or personal issues. He is one of the most kind-hearted and caring professors I have ever had! He is passionate about what he teaches and about helping others. Do not take advantage of him because he is a rare professor to find!

Don’t stress out over this class, it's not as hard as you might make it out to be, but the knowledge and wisdom you will gain from this class is invaluable.
There are so many helpful and useful things in this class. I have gained so much more than knowledge in this class. The techniques I have learned have truly been life changing.
This has been one of the most useful classes in my college career so far. I would recommend this class to anyone!
Im sure you future students think that this is a blow off class and that it doesn’t mean very much. But you are mistaken this class is a class that everyone needs to take. This class is a life changer, learning how to manage ones life and learning about yourself is what this class is all about. Make sure you do the activities and take it seriously. This class is a wonderful gift.
My advice to you would be to give this class your full attention. You can learn so much by reading the book and implementing what it teaches you. This class is interesting because it can help anyone and we all can relate to getting out of balance. The teacher is awesome and makes the class fun to take. Good luck, have fun!
My advice to future students would be to take the time to thoroughly complete each of the assignments. Don’t skip over or underestimate the balance techniques or the ABC’s of stress. They are truly life changing and will help you with time management, stress levels, health problems and more. If you take the time to practice them and apply them to your daily life, you will quickly see a difference in your quality of life.
This class will probably be one of the most helpful and worthwhile classes in your entire college career.  Whatever you do complete the assignments exactly how you are told and do not underestimate this class because it really does help.
You will never have a better class then this one. Its not hard and you gain so much from it. I never thought that this class would teach me so much about myself. I loved it. But in order for you to gain that knowledge you much read the book!  Its not only interesting to read but very beneficial to you.
I will always hold on to everything I've learned in this class, it is such a positive experience that will never go away and that can always be applied in our lives.  I'm so happy to of been a part of this great class!
Keep an open mind. In this class you will learn some very simple, yet amazingly effective, techniques to reduce tension and stress. The assignments can be time consuming (many short blocks of time) as this is not a class where you just read and memorize material long enough to take a test. The point is to apply it to your life.
Going into this class after having 12 years of panic attacks, I was skeptical that anything else could help me.  I cannot believe the things I have learned that have helped to reduce my stress and panic attacks!  When it comes to the extra credit projects, they are SO worth doing!  Each assignment is eye-opening, and each is helpful in its own way!
You may not even realize the amount of stress and tension you are carrying around with you.  This class helps you recognize stress, stressors, and tension; but most importantly teaches techniques to deal with, reduce, or even (in some cases) eliminate stress.
Do the work, it WILL pay off.  Taking the time and effort and putting it forth in your assignments will benefit you in so many ways.  This class will truly lighten your soul and make you feel so much better.  Knowing how to be in control of your stress is an awesome journey, and after taking this class I can assure you that what you learn will help you the rest of your life.