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Update 8-11-17

I am currently working on three articles that will be expanded into short books that describe the thinking behind the projects that are part of Bring Truth to Fear.  A draft of the first, Fear-Based Thinking, has been posted to this site.  I am currently working on “Reaching Out to the Other Side” and hope to have a rough draft posted in the near future.  I expect to have the third article, “What is Truth” completed in the next month.  I am outlining and organizing notes for the books and for developing apps as I work on these projects.  

Finding co-authors to assist in writing these books would free time for building the organization and app development.  We are also putting together a planning committee to organize and prioritize the work of Bring Truth to Fear and looking for assistance in developing a social media presence.  If you know of anyone who has the skills, time, and inclination to fill any of these roles, ask them to send an email to

I will be teaching a workshop on Fear-Based Thinking on September 26 and on “What is Truth” on November 7 at The Center for Teaching Excellence at Lansing Community College.  I hope to videotape the lecture components of this training and will post them to this site when available.

Bring Truth to Fear is a grass root effort.  Your ideas, feedback, and suggestions are much appreciated.  I am confident we can turn our political systems in a positive direction when we bring our hearts and minds together to recognize and confront fear-based and misleading information in politics and the media and work together find common ground between factions and interest groups that have been pulled apart by the political process.


Bob Van Oosterhout